Thursday, June 13, 2013

I wish I could say that I've been too busy for blogging, but I haven't.

Instead, I've been lazy. The lay-on-my- couch-all-day-and-watch-murder-mystery- documentaries kind of lazy... And I'm not proud. 

But, as I'm currently going on my twelfth hour sitting in a vehicle with five other individuals, I've had a lot of time to think, and thus, find not only the inspiration but the criteria to write about. I've been stuck in this stay-at-home-mom haze, fighting with myself to get bikini ready (though its now June... Oops) and also fighting a (hopefully) teething Jaxson. At nine months old and the past month full of insatiable and near constant whines and screeches, my fingers are indefinitely crossed. Nonetheless, thank you Baby Sign Time for stepping in and soothing him when my nerves are shot. You are a gift from the heavens. I just wish I didn't find myself constantly singing songs in public (when I'm baby free mind you) about signing for more milk and how 'mom has a mom.' But I can deal.

Anyway, criteria:

Besides potentially teething, this past month has been a developmental powerhouse for Jaxson. And I am in awe of him. 

It started with rolling from his back to tummy. He fought and fought both I and his therapist with tears until we'd throw the towel in and pick him up, assuming it was too soon. Then suddenly, after refusing to roll yet again for a toy, his therapist began packing everything into her bag as our session came to a close, when Jaxson, as if he'd been doing it for months, reached for the bag and smoothly rolled to his tummy. And then he did it again and again and again. Just like that. 

But it gets better.

That same week, he decided he could also sit up on his own unassisted. And so he did. After at least a month of having to force him into a siting position (because he so loved to stand assisted, and only to stand) he sat for minutes on end playing his baby piano while my hands waited nervously behind him. All this in one weeks time.

Then came holding his own bottle. Oh how I've waited for this one. Not because I don't enjoy the intimacy of holding him close and staring into his baby blues, but because he's still taking a bottle every 2-3 hours and momma could use some down time once in awhile. 

But this is my favorite part.

Mimicking. I've heard what age babies should be doing it, but as a natural habit now, brushed it out of my mind and simply waited. 

Behold, the first time I sit (yes, sit... Still in amazement) Jaxson in his kiddie pool and splash my hands in front of him, he follows suit. And so bath time was then brought to a new level. Mom-should-wear-a-poncho kind of level.

But then came the best mimic, or funniest, yet. The raspberry. I had spent nearly two weeks blowing raspberries at Jaxson simply to watch him giggle and try to snag my tongue away. I was happy with just that... Until he blew one back. Thinking it was an accident, I blew another. He copied me, and so we repeated until I sat back, full of amazement and tears.

After nine months, this was a new glimpse into this little person of mine. A glimpse of intelligence and personality. He now blows raspberries when he's done with his bottle, every time we try solids (which we still have no luck with), and sadly yet hilarious, when we give him kisses when he's busy playing. 

My baby will be graduating high school next year, ladies and gentlemen. This momma is a happy sappy wreck. 

Now back to hoping we reach bonnaroo music festival soon! We've finally hit Tennessee!