Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our week in a nutshell:

What an interesting week we've had.

Jax had his first visit from the physical therapist!

She was very impressed with his abilities, and even let out a "holy cow!" when she discovered he could lift himself up using her hands. I was one proud mama.

He discovered how much he loves sleeping on the couch (in the oddest yet cutest positions):

 So dreamy.

He also learned how to fall asleep in his crib without me rocking him first. My heart broke a little... and I think I must have checked on him every other minute at least.

He discovered bubbles:

And television...:

 He got milk-drunk at target:

 He decided his left hand is much cooler than his right, and has shunned it (seriously, it's like he doesn't realize he has two hands):

 He discovered his feet, and got a little more adventurous in his bumbo chair:

(please take a moment to admire his adorable cardigan. I wish I would have gotten it in every size!)

He got to hang out with some friends:

The little girl in front is Karlee (in the blue). She's a week YOUNGER than Jax. He's just so teeny, not that I'm complaining. He's still in newborn/ 0-3 month clothing. Talk about getting my money's worth!

The poor guy had to endure his mommy ogling over how cute his wittle butt is:

Really though. How cute.

And as usual, he melted my heart:

Oh, those beautiful tired eyes.

And he decided he could be camera shy. Either he looks away, closes his eyes, or gives me the blankest of stares. Picture taking is getting rough:

He'll be five months old tomorrow too... oh lord. Slow it down, little man. Mommy's not ready.