Friday, January 4, 2013

4 months old already?!

My little ham is four months old today. Where has the time gone?

As of today he can:

-Roll over (he finally got the hang of it yesterday, perfect timing!)
-"Talk," and especially yell. If I walk away from him, he let's me know he's displeased. 
-Giggle. Today was the first time, and it was the sweetest most heart exploding sound I have ever heard.
-Track objects/ people.
-Show excitement. 
-Show decent head control.
-Almost roll from back to stomach.
-Locate his hands. Sometimes he lays there with his little hand in front of his crossed eyes and I just die.
-Grab toys, and smile at them/ become excited by them.
-Squirm and push me away so he can play... this happens much to often.
-Push off of things to scoot around the floor.
-Focus on faces and responsively smile. Especially at cameras. I've created a monster.
-React to noises.

I could probably go on. I'm just so proud. Down Syndrome aside, he's supposed to be six weeks delayed due to prematurity... yet, he's right on track. Very small, but right where he should be in terms of milestones, as far as I can tell. I'm one proud mama.

My, my, how far we've come. I wish I could show that girl four months ago how happy she would be now.

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