Sunday, January 13, 2013


As this weekend draws to an unwelcome close, I find myself continuously telling myself to breath. What a crazy, crazy week it's been.

But! I survived my first week of classes as a mamma. I can do this. In between my classes three days a week, an overwhelming amount of homework, a cranky post-four month shots Jaxson, and locking my eyes in my car in Grand Rapids and thusly missing Jaxson's ENT appointment (and having to break the seal on my window in an attempt to rescue my keys before the sun set and the cold night night engulfed my little one), I survived.

It's quite difficult getting any homework done with Jax  constantly watching me with his big wanting eyes from his swing or play mat, smiling every time my eyes meet his... Not to mention the consistently good mood he's been in very morning before classes. I have to rush to campus everyday. That boy has one magnetic smile.

Boy, do I miss those lazy stay at home mommy mornings. But with my precious free time with Jax quickly dwindling away, I leave you with this:


Operation: spoon-feed-prunes-in-between-feedings-to-help-with-constipation-because-mommy-was-really-excited-to-try-it-out obviously went well.

Enjoy your sundays!

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